A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

STREETWALKER - Sex Workers 8 Bit RPG

(in development)


Known issues: 

- Grammar and Spelling. There are a few language mistakes in this version. Everything will be correct in the next release.

- Game Mechanics. In this release you can play just the basic game mechanics (recurring events to survive every day). The plot in this version is a draft, more like a placeholder. 

- Map. The size of the map is limited due to technical reason. In the next release it will be bigger and with more NPCs. The access to the strip club is limited. If you gain more than $1000 you will be able to enter there, but nothing can be done, yet.


The game should be simple enough to understand without tutorial. I said "should": If you need help, just talk with the street beggar.


Streetwalker.exe 176 MB
Streetwalker.app.zip 82 MB

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